why essential oils?

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When I first began understanding “alternative” immune boosting support I was inclined to make my own at home, in the form of tinctures and salves, teas and poultices.

While these options still have their place and I value them a great deal, here is why my recommendation is to start with oils:

  • Quality: when essential oils are well grown, harvested properly, and distilled carefully (such as is the case with Young Living a la Seed to Seal*), essential oils have a guaranteed potency to them that will not necessarily be found in dried or even fresh grown herbs. To grow good plants takes a lot of time and energy that most of us just don’t have the time for these days. Non-performing plants may leave some to think plants are unreliable, when really it is just the quality of the plants that dictates reliability.
  • Time: to make at-home options is rather time consuming…not in the actual creation, but in the wait time. Many herbs need a lengthy stay in their extraction substance in order to release their potential…and what exactly are they even releasing??? Well…their essential oils!
  • Money: as an herbalist, a key turning point for me was in helping a friend create a salve for an issue she was dealing with. There was a decent amount of money spent on this option, not to mention the wait time. My expectations were high and they were not to be met. So while I will occasionally make things for our family from scratch, I knew then and there that I would never again accept payment for something that I could not assure was the highest quality.
  • Convenience: have you seen all the carrying cases for essential oils?!? They are just lovely and make your collection portable and easy to keep at your fingertips! Not to mention that because of Seed to Seal, we have the assurance that Young Living Essential Oils are safe, in most cases, straight out of the bottle.

So while there is a wide world of “alternative” means to supporting your health and the health of your loved ones, my advice would be to start with Young Living Essential Oils. From there, in making your own home and skin care products, you will begin to understand and see the potential in flowers, bark, leaves and stems for creating abundant health.

And it’s then that the possibilities for building a wealthy health account become limitless!

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*Seed to Seal is the Young Living process that produces a promise. You can learn more by visiting our team website and going through the series we ran, beginning with this post.


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